Department for International Development, UK (DFID)

Official UK Government aid agency. (See also NRI entry for information on agricultural sector projects). Formerly Overseas Development Administration (ODA)

Information services include:

(a) WWW server includes press releases, full text of White Paper on UK aid policy, Global Pipeline Projects (summary of DFID project currently in preparation, with contact information), how to apply for development research funding through DFID), recruitment information, statistics on UK aid, Developments (quarterly journal, available online and in print), text of EVSUM project evaluation summaries

(b) Library (see also separate entry): Collection on development aid and policy. Not available online. Main library is based in East Kilbride, with smaller reference unit in London HQ

(c) Evaluation reports: the summaries of reports (the Evsum Series) is available on their WWW site, which also lists which of the reports are availalable in printed form to the public (can be ordered, but not payed for, online)

(d) Research projects: supports a number of sectoral programmes for documenting/disseminating the results of its research. Sectors include:

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