US Agency for International Development (USAID)

USA national aid agency. Information services include:

(a) WWW service: includes administrative information about USAID, public documents concerning the mission of USAID, information on USAID development efforts by country, USAID procurement and business resources, USAID documents and publications, health statistics profiles (on a country by country basis), full text of sectoral strategy papers.

(b) Press releases email list: distributes press releases by email. Subscribe to with message sub usaid_press_release your name

(c) Development Information Service Clearinghouse (DISC): see separate entry. Produces CD-DIS CDRom with data on projects and research database and operates a document supply service for USAID documents. Some of the project data also appears on the INDIX / DAI databases (see separate entry).

(d) Famine Early Warning System (FEWS): see separate entry

(e) Africa Data Dissemination Service: see separate entry

(f) AfricaLink: see separate entry

(g) Greater Horn Information Exchange (GHIE):see separate entry

(h) Natural Resources Management (in Africa) (NRM: see separate entry

(i) Leland Initiative: see separate entry

(j) Environment and natural Resources Information Center (ENRIC): see separate entry