Development Experience Clearinghouse, USAID (DEC)

The Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) is the largest online resource for USAID funded, international development documentation. The purpose of the DEC is to strengthen USAID's development projects, activities, and programs by making these development experience documents available to USAID offices and mission staff, PVO's, NGO's, universities and research institutions, developing countries, and the public worldwide.

The DEC offers four major online services:

  • Submit USAID documentation (USAID Contractors/Grantees). Mail:
  • Search the DEXS Database - USAID documents can be downloaded from DEXS database which contains records for over 110,000 USAID technical and program documents with over 8,000 reports available for free electronic download. Downloading USAID reports in .pdf format is free. Mail:
  • Order documents in paper, electronic, and CD format. Mail:
  • Free subscription to DEC Express. Receive the latest USAID reports every two weeks by e-mail for free. Mail:

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