International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg (IISD)

International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is a non-profit organisation supported by the Governments of Canada and Manitoba and numerous other funders. IISD's mission is to champion innovation enabling societies to live sustainably. IISD contributes new knowledge and concepts, analyses policies, measures progress and identifies and disseminates sustainable development information. Services include:

(a) Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB): reporting on international environmental policy meetings, mainly intergovernmental or treaty-related (see separate entry)

(b) IISDnet: IISD's knowledge-base for Sustainable Development. Contains: background resource material; workshop coverage; Keynote speeches; key output

(c) Developing Ideas Digest: bimonthly journal, available by paid subscription by email (PDF format) or in print. Each issues follows a theme, providing a snapshot of current ideas in the field, based on formal and informal surveys of people and literature. Includes a short literature listing and press review. Full text of back issues available (free) on the WWW.

(d) Linkages WWW: provides information on United Nations conferences and negotiations related to environment and development. Includes the text of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin (see separate entry), plus links to the major documents agreed to at each conference.

(e) Linkages Journal: reporting on recent international meetings, information sources, listings of readings on environment and development issues. Available in two PDF format (either for printing or on-screen reading). Distributed by email (free subscription list: send email request to and archived on WWW.

(f) Sustainable Developments journal: reporting on environmental and development meetings not covered by the ENB.

(g) New & Notable from the IISD: bi-monthly listserv, includes notes on Notable New Books received by the IISD, announces new IISD publications and e-modules and lists books, reports, articles and websites entered into SD-Cite--the IISD's Information Centre database

(h)Weekly Journal Review: listserv, a weekly summary of new journal articles on sustainable development.

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