International Monetary Fund (IMF)

The IMF was "created to promote international monetary cooperation; to facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of international trade; to promote exchange stability; to assist in the establishment of a multilateral system of payments; to make its general resources temporarily available to its members experiencing balance of payments difficulties under adequate safeguards; and to shorten the duration and lessen the degree of disequilibrium in the international balances of payments of members".

Information services include:

(a) International Financial Statistics: on CDROM (see separate entry)

(b) Joint IMF/World Bank Library: CDROM of journal articles held (see separate entry)

(c) WWW service with: basic information on the IMF; over 180 country pages; text of letters of intent and policy framework papers; listing of publications with many available free in pdf format (including country reports and working papers); press releases, news briefs, transcripts and communiques; list of SDR exchange rates; fact sheets on IMF policy/activities; full text of annual report; full text of World Economic Outlook and International Capital Markets Report; full-text of Finance and Development journal (from March 1996 issue) in English, French and Spanish; full text of IMF Articles of Agreement and By Laws; information on IMF recruitment methods and vacancies; information on the IMF Institute; full text of IMF working papers (from 1997 onwards: see separate entry)

(d) Directory of economic, commodity and development organisations: covers development banks, central/national banks, international/regional economic organisations, some UN agencies, selection of other international bodies. Includes description of activities, contact numbers, list of senior staff members. Available on WWW server.

(e) Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board (DSBB): directory of information sources for national statistical data from participating countries: see separate entry

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