HNPFLASH is an initiative of the Human Development Department (HDD) of the World Bank (formerly called HDDFLASH/PHNLINK/PHNFLASH and managed by the Department of Population, Health, and Nutrition)

Offers two mailing lists and a document archive:

(1) HNPFLASH: a weekly electronic newsletter on main population, health, and nutrition issues, covering breakthrough technology, new publications, project updates, conference and training information, job vacancies, grant opportunities, and information on other related electronic resources available on the Internet. The archive provides subscribers with email access to over 400 documents in English, French and Spanish. . It is currently distributed to about 400 subscribers around the world including ministries, universities, NGOs, and research institutions;

(2) QCARE, a discussion group on quality care in health which is open to the public.

(3) Archive of a full-text articles. Materials from the World Bank include: HNPFLASH (formerly HDDFLASH and PHNFLASH) newsletter; series of WB conference papers; Findings Newsletter (on the African region); Human Capital Development Dissemination Notes and Working Papers; IBADS abstracts (see separate entry); Population Network News; Health Policy; World Bank Project Information Summaries. Materials from other organisations include: Mothers and Children Bulletin (from the APHA Clearinghouse); News and Noteworthy in Nutrition Newsletter; Opportunities for Micronutrient Interventions (OMNI) papers and newsletter; Program for Appropriate Technology in Health news items.

The archive is accessible by WWW