Residua (formerly World Resource Foundation, WRF), is the overall name of an NGO providing a world-wide information service to encourage the recovery of resources from post-consumer waste. Sections include the Resource Recovery Forum a network of organisations with a shared interest in seeing society achieve more sustainable waste management.

The aims of the Forum include

  • promoting the best practicable environmental option for waste
  • collaborating in research and development
  • providing links between waste producers, handlers and processors
  • producing accessible information
  • liaising with Government, the European Union and other decision-makers

    Publishes the Warmer Bulletin.

    WWW server includes: full text of information sheets and technical briefs; sample extracts from the Warmer Bulletin; links to other waste sites.

    Offers an online information request service, for subscribers to Warmer Bulletin, for information on waste management and resource recovery.