Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies,, Australia (CAPSTRANS)

CAPSTRANS is a joint initiative of the Universities of Newcastle and Wollongong, established at the beginning of 1999. It is a Key Centre of Research and Teaching funded by the Australian Research Council, the two universities and by partners in business and government.

CAPSTRANS' aim is to increase our understanding of the complex processes of social and cultural change which are shaping the region in which we live. It examines how globalisation and regional integration are affecting local communities and national societies. Traditional ideas on development, governance and international cooperation need to be revised in the light of the momentous changes of recent years. CAPSTRANS analyses how developments in the region are affecting Australia's economy, society and external relations.

CAPSTRANS will provide information, analysis and policy advice to a range of government agencies in countries in the region. It also aims to inform public debates on crucial issues through seminars, publications and information for the media.

CAPSTRANS has research programs in the following areas:

  • migration and multicultural societies
  • labour relations, regulation and organisation
  • human resource development program
  • managing the production and diffusion of knowledge