Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa (HSRC)

HSRC is the national research coordinating body in South Africa. Conducts and promotes research through funding, capacity building and resource sharing.

Services include:

(1) WWW site, which includes: information on HSRC research groups (Social Dynamics, Education, Human Resources, Science Development, including Programme for Development Research PRODDER ) and their outputs; HSRC media releases, information on its external project scheme; links to South African policy documents

(2) Maintains a database system called Nexus. Currently the databases are accessible by requesting a search direct from HSRC (fee charged: 20 to 60 Rand). More information on these on WWW site. Available databases are:

(a) Current and completed research in the human and social sciences in South Africa (75,000 records from 1969 to date). Includes Masters and doctoral theses. WWW site also allows direct searching of this (on payment of an annual fee)

(b) Human Science Research Organizations in South Africa: covering some 280 organisations

(c) Human Sciences Professional Associations in South Africa: covering 145 associations

(d) Human Sciences Research Networking in South Africa: some 2200 individuals, with biographical details and areas of specialisation

(e) Talk: details on local and international social science conference/meetings

(3) South African Data Archive (SADA): archive of machine-readable data and documentation from surveys undertaken in South Africa. Datasets can be ordered from SADA, and supplied on disc or by FTP (cost-recovery charges are made). The catalogue of the archive is available on the WWW site.

(4) Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Unit: collects, prepares and distributes datasets/products relating spatial and socio-economic variables (including transport, poverty, health, RDP indicators, household data, employment, education, crime, environment, development funding). Catalogue of datasets is available on WWW.

(5) Modern Constitutions Database (Modcon): collection of constitutions and questionnaire-based comparison of them. WWW site allows: searching of constitutions and questionnaire results; text and background to the constitutions of 13 countries; bibliographical database on related materials.

(6) Library: WWW site includes information on services and monthly list of accessions (called Bibliona)

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