Latin American Database (LADB)

LADB publishes three electronic newsletters, distributed (on a subscription basis) by e-mail or for pick-up at the website. These are: Notisur (political economics of Latin America); EcoCentral (politics, economics and sustainable development in Central America); Sourcemex (economic news and analysis of Mexico). Sample issues are available free on the WWW site

Articles from these journals (plus articles from previously published LADB journals Chronicle of Latin American Economic Affairs, Latin American Debt Chronicle and Central American Update) appear on the LADB Database accessible via the WWW.

The database is also available on Dialog (from 1988 onwards as part of the PTS Newsletter Database (file 636), on Datastar (as part of the Predicasts database (file PTBN) and on other commercial hosts (see WWW site for details). Available on CDROM as part of the NISC Latin American Studies disc (see separate entry)

The WWW site also contains Resources for Teaching About the Americas (RETANET: see separate entry), a data base of lesson plans and teaching resources for secondary school teachers (all materials are free of charge).

By November 1997 the website will host an on-line bulletin board for Latin Americanists, and a Dialogue area featuring opinion pieces on current developments in Central America. A full text database of economic analysis materials from non-LADB sources is also planned (to be called Economies of Latin America)

WWW site also offers links to related WWW sites and to official documents from Latin American governments or regional organisations

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