Centre for Indigenous Knowledge for Agriculture and Rural Development (CIKARD)

CIKARD is based at Iowa Univesity and focuses on preserving and using the knowledge of farmers and rural people around the globe to facilitate participatory and sustainable approaches to development. Its goal is to record indigenous knowledge and make it available to local communities, development professionals, scientists and scholars. CIKARD concentrates on four areas: indigenous innovations, knowledge systems (such as taxonomies), decision-making systems (such as what crops to grow on certain soils), and organizations (such as farmers' groups).

WWW site includes

  • a monthly featured indigenous knowledge group or individual
  • indigenous knowledge abstract search engine
  • postal addresses for local grass roots indigenous knowledge organizations and individuals not available on the WWW
  • links to other IK sites
  • CIKARD Bulletin board of IK organizations and work
  • periodicals and newsletters received by CIKARD
  • CIKARD IK Harvest of interesting short articles and portions of articles taken from relevant journals and newsletters

CIKARD contributes full text material to the CIESIN guide to Agriculture and Global Environmental Change. It also contributes to the Indigenous Knowledge and Development Monitor (IKDM) and associated networks (see separate entry).

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