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Part of UNDP WWW site offering information on UNDP Human Development Reports (including the Human Development Index). Provides brief summaries and related documentation about reports, also full text of newsletters and (selected) occasional papers from the office with some provided full text and links to National Human Development Reports. Indicators covered by report include: poverty, health (fertility, child mortality), education, food security, employment, military expenditures, urban development, financial flows, population, energy use, environmental degradation, national income accounts.

The Human Development Report CD-ROM: 10 Years of Human Development Reports is now available. Allows the production of customized tables and color charts for presentations, for reports and for export into the most common software formats. Country Fact Sheets provide key human development indicators for 174 countries. Comprehensive Reference Section contains human development and statistical definitions, technical notes on computing the HDI, GDI, GEM, HPI, etc. Search Engine for all 10 Human Development Reports allows a search by topic, country and/or year. Entire texts of HDRs 1990-99 are available in both, interactive (HTML) and downloadable (PDF) formats.

Human Development Database PC diskette contains statistics from the report (starting from the 1998 report) and from the country tables available in "Country Human Development Indicators". Also includes software for preparing country/series reports and producing graphs/charts.

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