Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI)

NUPI's twin tasks of research and information are focused on international issues central to Norwegian foreign policy and foreign economic relations.

Research is organised into two major cross-disciplinary strategic institute programmes (SIP):

1) European Integration and Sovereignty - addressing a wide range of economic and political issues as well as security questions and international crime. The Institute’s Centre for Russian Studies is an integral part of this programme.

2) Collective Security - focusing on security theory, conflict prevention and peace operations. NUPI’s UN Programme is a key element in this activity.

Runs library and information department.

WWW site (in Norwegian and English) has information on research activities and publications, and access to their Centre for Russian Studies directory of WWW links.

Publications include Forum for Development Studies - contents list is available on WWW site.

After a quarantine period of two years, the FDS articles are published in full text on All working papers are available online immediately after having been published.

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