Tata Energy Research Institute, India (TERI)

TERI is an autonomous, not-for-profit, research institute established in 1974. In the initial period, the Institute concentrated on documentation and information dissemination activities. Towards the end of 1982, research activities were initiated in the field of energy, and expanded soon to cover the environment, biotechnology, climate change, forestry, and the whole range of sustainable development issues. Nearly 300 professionals, drawn from a wide range of disciplines, are working in TERI s headquarters in New Delhi, as well as in regional centres and field sites in India and overseas. Current research divisions are: Policy Analysis; Energy Technology; Renewable Resource Management; Biotechnology; Information Services (operates library and documentation services). Hosts the secretariat for the Asian Energy Institute (AEI) and has a network of partner organisations outside India.

Information products include:

(a) WWW site: has information on activities, publications lists (some downloadable documents), calandar of events in India

(b) TEDDY Online: database of Indian energy and environmental statistics. Sample can be downloaded from WWW

(c) Rural Energy Database: statistics from rural energy surveys in India. Available on diskette, detailed description on WWW

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