Livelihoods Connect (LC)

Livelihoods Connect aims to provide researchers, policy-makers and development practitioners with up-to-date, diverse and credible information on the application of livelihoods approaches to development, research, policy and practice.

Originally a learning platform for the UK Department for International Development (DFID), over recent years Livelihoods Connect’s mandate has widened beyond the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework promoted by DFID. The new website within Eldis now covers a range of frameworks, principles and methodologies associated with the term ‘livelihoods approaches’, principally multi-disciplinary, multi-level, people-centred, asset-based approaches to development.

Resources include:

  • an introduction to livelihoods approaches, including: a short history of their evolution; sections unpacking elements and principles; and introductory training and learning materials, including DFID SLA guidance sheets and a distance learning guide.
  • documents organised by themes, highlighting how livelihoods approaches have been applied to a range of development issues from Agriculture to Water & Sanitation. Each theme includes an introduction, links to recommended reading and a regularly updated list of the latest online resources for that theme
  • lessons – documented learning from practical programme experience and action research
  • tools – for assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation of livelihoods programmes
  • jobs, events and announcements related to livelihoods
  • email update – delivering the latest resources direct to your inbox
  • newsfeeds – add content automatically to your website

The Livelihoods Connect team also manage an international Livelihoods Network, providing a range of virtual and physical spaces designed to:

  • stimulate discussion & debate
  • support peer learning
  • facilitate collaboration and co-creation of new knowledge

Contact the team on the address provided for further details.