Linking Climate Adaptation (LCA)

The Linking Climate Adaptation (LCA) Network was a global community of over 1,000 researchers, practitioners and policy makers working on all aspects of climate change adaptation. The key objective of LCA was to assist geographically dispersed users to share theoretical, policy and experiential knowledge to support adaptation in developing countries. It does this by providing access to key editorially selected resources and an email discussion list as an integral part of Eldis (the leading gateway to development knowledge on the web). Another key function of the network was to bring together climate adaptation specialists with those working in a broader, more traditional, development context.

The Network is now inactive.

LCA Climate Change Adaptation Dossier
The LCA Climate Change Adaptation Dossier synthesises current thinking on climate adaptation issues and provides access to relevant and up to date resources and publications for development-focused researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. The guide includes:

  • an introduction to climate change adaptation
  • organisations working on climate adaptation issues
  • the latest documents and publications related to seven themes in climate adaptation
  • adaptation resources organised by region of focus.

LCA e-mail discussion group
The LCA email group is a space for discussion and exchange on all areas of research, policy and experiences on climate adaptation. Through the group, you can connect with other members of the LCA network to share:

  • insights and experiences of mainstreaming climate adaptation
  • details of upcoming adaptation workshops and conferences
  • papers, presentations and research results on climate change adaptation.

To join the LCA network, simply send an email to: with the first line: ‘subscribe lca’