Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Pakistan (SDPI)

SDPI is an independent, non-profit, non-government research institute, established to provide advice to public, private and voluntary organizations, and to undertake policy-oriented research and advocacy on issues of public interest.

SDPI defines sustainable development as development that is environmentally as well as socially sustainable. Within this broad definition, the specific focus of the institute is the implementation of Pakistan's National Conservation Strategy. The goal of SDPI's research program is to provide support for informed decision making and thus to catalyze the transition to sustainable human development.

The research is multi-disciplinary in character. It is problem-oriented rather than discipline-oriented. Specific research themes are linked to the implementation of Pakistan's Agenda 21, namely the Pakistan National Conservation Strategy (NCS). Besides the 14 core program areas of the NCS, research has also been initiated in the critical crosscutting areas like governance, environment, human development and economy. Policy Advice is a distillation of recommendations emerging from research conducted at SDPI.

The advice is disseminated through papers, briefs, press articles, participation at meetings and conferences, with the intention of identifying alternatives for improving existing policies and practice. SDPI serves as the resource centre for many local and foreign scholars. While much of the advice is provided on request, unsolicited advice is also given on key issues. Raising awareness of environmental issues and of issues of social relevance is one of the main objectives of SDPI. This is achieved through advocacy, networking, public interest litigation, and education.

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