Grupo de Analisis para el Desarrollo, Peru (GRADE)

In 1980, a team of Peru's top social scientists formed the Group for Analysis and Development (GRADE), a private, nonprofit research center. Their mission was to establish a think tank which could contribute to Peruvian and Latin American development through rigorous research and analysis of key economic, environmental and social issues. In the nearly two decades since then, GRADE's staff has been researching Peru's most critical problems, producing results that directly contribute to the design and implementation of successful development policies.

Applying cutting edge theoretical perspectives, methodologies and tools, GRADE researchers combine objective analysis with sound empirical evidence on the nature and causes of economic and social processes. Through these efforts, staff researchers are able to make informed recommendations to policy makers, private sector leaders and the general public, providing both in-depth analysis of the country's problems and effective strategies for overcoming the obstacles to successful policy implementation.

In order to ensure informed public opinion on development policies, GRADE also conducts an extensive outreach program. Through publications, seminars and workshops, GRADE promotes debate and the search for consensus among government officials, businesspeople, and scholars. To support its research and outreach programs, GRADE has built a specialized research library whose catalogue currently lists more than 15,000 books, documents and articles focused on the fields of economics, agricultural economics, education, the environment, and natural resources.

GRADE is also dedicated to helping build a community of scholars and researchers in Peru and beyond. Its computer network and open access to the Web put staff researchers in permanent contact both internally and with the rest of the world, and GRADE personnel actively participate in several local and international research networks as a way to ensure the dissemination of knowledge as well as the continued relevance and increasing quality of its own research.

GRADE's staff currently includes 11 researchers with postgraduate degrees and approximately 15 research assistants. Committed to improving the quality of research both in-house and in Peru, GRADE has made in-service training for young researchers one of its top priorities. It also supports junior staff efforts to obtain admission and funding for study at reputed foreign universities, and encourages them to return to Peru to carry on their research here.

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