Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Peru (ILD)

The Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD), a private, non-profit organization headquartered in Lima, Peru, focuses on creating modern legal frameworks that empower the poor of the developing and ex-communist world by providing them with a new, comprehensive legal property system which allows them to turn their assets into leverageable capital.

This involves continuing to develop and implement the ILD's strategy, methodology and program which contain the following four components:

  • Reforming property law—the hidden architecture of capitalism—so that it is accessible to the overwhelming majority of people in the Third World.
  • Using the rule of law to allow the poor entrepreneur to participate in capitalism.
  • Providing the Head of State with the tools and political motivation to implement capitalist reform by championing the cause of the largest segment of the population —the poor.
  • Providing governments with an "A-to-Z" plan for the transition to popular capitalism