Ethiopian Economics Association - Ethiopian Economic Policy Research Institute (EEA/EEPRI)

EEPRI is the research and publication wing of the Ethiopian Economic Association. The Association promotes the study of economics in Ethopia, promoting economic research and assisting in its dissemination and facilitating contact with Ethiopian and foreign economists.

EEPRI research areas include:

  • Agrictultural policy
  • Human resources
  • Trade and Industry

EEA publishes the Ethiopian Journal of Economics and Economic Focus, a journal which concentrates on economic and social issues in Ethiopia as well as relevant regional and global issues. The Association also publishes an Annual Report on the Ethiopian Economy (a detailed list of contents is available), and the proceedings of the Annual Conference on the Ethiopian Economy, and a Newsletter.

Website provides links to resources for economists relating to Ethiopia and other national and international economic associations, as well as to national, regional and international news agencies. Socio-economic indicators of Ethiopia and Vital Statistical Data will also be made available shortly.