Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, Israel (JCSS)

Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (JCSS) is a research center whose mission is to conduct research on subjects related to Israel's national security as well as the Middle East regional and international security affairs.

JCSS initiates and conducts multidisciplinary research on Politics, Military Economies, and Social issues, which involve strategic dimensions.

The Center publishes the results of its research in books, journal articles and special reports. These publications appear in Hebrew and/or in English .

The Information Center and Library maintains collections related to the various projects undertaken by JCSS. These include holdings in a number of fields - both traditional and interdisciplinary - such as Political Science, International Relations, Middle East Studies, Military Technology, Geography, Law, Political Economy, Security Studies, and Sociology

The Center’s website includes more information about its activities, publications and events.