Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa (IGD)

The Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD) is an independent South African non-governmental organisation that provides policy analysis on the changing global environment and its impact on South Africa for the benefit of government and civil society.

IDG's programmes focus on:

  • South African Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Multilateral Analysis
  • African Dialogue
  • Southern Africa

IGD's publications include: Occasional Papers, Monographs, and several series: "Global Dialogue", "African Dialogue Series" and "Global Insight", which is an on-line series of short papers covering areas of topical interest. The Web site also provides selected editorials from the Institute's "Global Dialogue" series, as well as substantive information on the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), including the texts of UN NAM Resolutions, and on the NAM NGO Initiative. An on-line bulletin, NAM Watch Bulletin, NGO perspectives, is also available, as well as news on upcoming and recent international and regional events. Links to major NGOs and relevant national and international organisations are also provided.

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