KIT Development Policy & Practice

KIT Development Policy & Practice is the Royal Tropical Institute´s main department for international development.

Our aim is to contribute to reducing poverty and inequality in the world and to support sustainable development. We carry out research and provide advisory services and training in order to build and share knowledge on a wide range of development issues.

We carry out: 1. Operational research: Contributing to knowledge for development is central to our mandate. Joint research programmes between KIT and its partners produce innovative problem-solving approaches and a growing evidence base on issues relevant to sustainable development. We emphasize sharing this knowledge through networks, meetings and publications. 2. Advisory services: We provide technical advice based on a situational analysis and needs assessment. We conduct programme evaluations and support the development of systems for monitoring and evaluation. And we assist clients and partners in networking and building institutional linkages. 3. Master's programmes and other post-graduate courses: We offer short courses and master´s programmes (Master of Public Health; Master of International Health) at our training facilities in Amsterdam and conduct regional, tailor-made training programmes in countries around the world.

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