The Pambazuka Newletter is an advocacy tool for social justice, open to any organisation committed to this goal. The Newsletter is designed specifically for those working in Africa, under conditions where accessing the internet can be difficult.

Information is distributed via a regular email newsletter with full text and links available via WWW or web to email. Subject areas covered include:

  • Editorial
  • Conflict, Emergencies, and Crises,
  • Rights and Democracy
  • Corruption
  • Health
  • Education and Social Welfare
  • Women and Gender
  • Refugees and Forced Migration
  • Racism and Xenophobia
  • Environment
  • Media
  • Development
  • Internet and Technology
  • Newsletters and Mailing Lists
  • Fundraising
  • Courses, Seminars, and Workshops
  • Advocacy Resources
  • Jobs
  • Books and Arts
  • Letters and Comments

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