Center for Economic Development, Bulgaria (CED)

The Center for Economic Development is a non-governmental think tank in the economic policy area, established in 1997.

The center aims to

  • contribute to Bulgaria's economic development and achievement of sustainable economic growth in the country
  • to propose economic policy options and to promote public debate on major economic policy issues
  • to foster cooperation among the public and private sectors, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations in addressing economic problems

It does so through: conducting research and disseminating it; engaging with the policy process and analysing economic policy developments; organising conferences, workshops and providing training

Key research and dissemination areas are:

  • competitiveness and economic growth
  • EU integration and regional development
  • high technologies and new economy
  • small and medium enterprise development
  • taxation policy
  • corporate governance

The center's website includes full text versions of publications and details of CED's work. The website is available in both English and Bulgarian.

CED also runs the Economic Internet Portal which provides extensive links to economic, financial, statistical information about Bulgaria

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