Russian Independent Institute of Social and Nationalities Problems, Russian Federation

The Russian Independent Institute of Social and Nationalities Problems is made up of a number of research centers covering various social, political and financial aspects of Russian society. Reseach centers include:
  • Center for political and economic history of Russia
  • Center for private and small enterpreneurship
  • Center for sociopolitical analysis
  • Center for socioeconomic studies
  • Center for the study of financial market institutions
  • Center for national identity sociology
  • Center for mass conciousness sociological monitoring
  • Center "Religion in modern world"
The institute is involved in a number of international networks and regularly holds conferences and synopsia for both national and international audiences focussing particularly on the process of reform in Russian society.

The institute produces an number of different publications and undertakes monitoring and surveys of the mental values, social and economic status of the population the results of which are available to researchers.

Website is available in both Russian and English. It contains details of the different research centers, information about staff including bibilographies, lists of publications some of which are downloadable (Russian language).