The Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, Egypt (ACPSS)

The Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS) was established as an independent research unit functioning within the framework of Al-Ahram Foundation. ACPSS cooperates with university professors and researchers on both regional and international levels. It undertakes multidisciplinary research dealing with regional and international developments, as well as Egyptian strategic, political, economic, and social affairs.

ACPSS studies issues of international politics which have a bearing on the Middle East in general, and the Arab-Israeli conflict in particular. Research areas include:

  • major changes of the international system
  • international conflict and conflict resolution
  • political, economic, and social aspects of Arab society in general and Egyptian society in particular

The Information Unit of the ACPSS maintains a collection of research materials and resources specializing in the economic, political, strategic, social, and mass communication fields.

The ACPSS issues the monthly Strategic Papers to provide an in-depth view of the strategic challenges that Egypt and the Arab World face. The 'Friday Page' is published in Al-Ahram newspaper on Friday of every week. The objective of this page is to provide an analytical overview and evaluation of regional and international issues.

The Center’s website includes more details about its services as well as online publications