Cairo Demographic Center, Egypt (CDC)

CDC is an educational and research institute, jointly established by the United Nations and the Egyptian Government.


  • providing educational opportunities to persons working in the field of population
  • undertaking research in population and related fields
  • providing technical assistance and consultancy services in population and related fields to interested governments and organizations
  • organizing national and regional conferences and seminars on population
  • organizing short training programs in population
  • carrying out follow-up and impact evaluation studies for population projects and programs
Research programs underway include:
  • use of composite indicators in measuring health levels
  • labour force and unemployment in Egypt
  • contraceptive use and infant and child survival
  • women's status, fertility and contraceptive use in Egypt
  • extended use-effectiveness of contraceptives

The main publication of the Center is the CDC Monograph series which contains the proceedings of the Annual Seminar. In addition, the Center publishes Occasional Papers and Working Papers, as well as a semi - annual newsletter.

CDC has a library specialized in the population and development related issues including demography in the Middle East. Its facilities are available to visiting scholars and students of demography outside the Center.

CDC offers academic educational programs at four levels:

  • General Diploma in Demography
  • Special Diploma in Population & Development
  • Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) in Demography
  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Population and Sustainable Development in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund

The Center’s website includes more details about its services as well as online publications.