EuroFaculty, Riga Centre, Latvia

Council of the Baltic Sea States decided to establish EuroFaculty with the aim of assisting the three major Baltic universities, University of Tartu, Estonia, University of Latvia, in Riga, and Vilnius University, Lithuania, in reforming higher education in Economics, Law, Public Administration and Business Administration.

The long-term policy goals serving to achieve the EuroFaculty aims are:

  • introduction of a core curriculum in each field up to the level of a Master’s degree in accordance with the academic standards of the supporting universities
  • training of local academic staff to ensure that the host universities have the means to sustain a new curriculum
  • development of libraries and computer networks in support of teaching and research at the Baltic Universities
      Research areas include economics, law and public administration as they relate to Latvia and the broader region.

    There are three EuroFaculty centres: in Riga, Latvia; in Tartu, Estonia and in Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Riga Centre English website features information on research projects and its library.

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