Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI)

Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative (LGI) was launched in January 1997 by the Board of the Open Society Institute, Budapest, Hungary. The primary mission of LGI is to foster cross-border cooperation and to support and disseminate throughout the region potentially important policy studies which should have a significant impact on public policy reform.

LGI's activities fall into four categories:

  • Regional Networks of Institutions and Professionals
  • Policy Studies and Dissemination
  • Technical Assistance and Consultancy (to CEE groups)
  • Support of the Soros/Open Society Institute National Foundations

Major initiatives of LGI include:

  • Public policy initiative
  • Fiscal decentralisation initiative for central and eastern Europe
  • Local Government Information Network (LOGIN)
  • Managing multiethnic communities project
  • Fellowship program
  • Local government policy partnership

LGI regularly publishes works on issues tightly related to the public administration and local government, both from practical and academic aspects. These are available in hard copy, and can be downloaded from the website. The website also contains further detailed information on activities, initiatives and other useful information about the organisation.

Latest documents from Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative