Rapid Reponse Unit, World Bank (RRU)

Rapid Response is a knowledge resource specializing in policy advice on investment climate and privatization for developing countries.

Areas of expertise are

  • Comprehensive assessments of the investment climate in developing countries, through both country-specific reports as well as comparative data used for benchmarking purposes
  • Economy-wide interventions shaping the investment climate, including foreign investment, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility
  • Private participation in sectors with complex market design and regulatory issues (for example, water, energy, transport, telecommunications, health, and education)
  • rivatization transactions and policy

Its website offers:

  • Papers & Links Database: Access to over 800 full-text documents and links on a variety of private sector development topics including economic growth, privatization policy, corporate governance, foreign investment, and private participation in health, education, and infrastructure sectors - including water, electricity, and telecommunications
  • Doing Business Indicators: Downloadable indicators benchmarking the performance of business regulations in 110 countries – covering indicators of business entry, contract enforcement, access to credit, labor regulations, and bankruptcy processes
  • Privatization Journal: Public Policy for the Private Sector: Over 200 online articles providing practical guidance and analyses of market-based solutions to development of infrastructure, investment climate and globalization
  • Infrastructure Contracts and Licenses Database: Links to over 120 infrastructure contracts and licenses in developing countries contained on government and regulatory agency websites
  • Toolkits on Infrastructure Privatization: 8 complete guides to the privatization and regulation of infrastructure services in sectors such as transport, telecommunications, water and sanitation
  • Electronic Discussions: E-discussions on a variety of current and topical private sector development topics moderated by experts
  • Electronic Newsletter: Monthly email alerts on new resources added to our website
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Ready answers to questions on privatization data, World Bank Group projects and policies, funding opportunities, and employment

Also offers free Helpdesk Service Assistance with specific queries that can be addressed with off-the-shelf publications.

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