Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, India (IPCS)

The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) is an independent think tank devoted to studying security issues relating to South Asia. Some of the issues that IPCS focuses on are:
  • non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
  • comprehensive and co-operative security
  • non-military threats to security
  • terrorism
  • relations between India and Pakistan
  • regional cooperation in South Asia
  • China’s security policies
  • security and governance
  • human security

The Institute undertakes projects on security issues, hosts seminars and publishes and distributes a bulletin called, ‘Peace and Conflict’ containing select documents, opinion articles and seminar reports, a policy brief and an issue brief on security issues.

The IPCS website currently offers the following resources:

  • a database on country data, military data, armed groups and refugee groups relating to the South Asian countries, as well as a documentation section with a collection of important treaties, statements and speeches concerning defence, security and foreign policy
  • details of IPCS publications, including an online version of the bulletin ‘Peace and Conflict’ and abstracts of selected books, reports and articles
  • abstracts of news reports, editorials and opinion from online editions of leading newspapers and news magazines in the region, and from the US and China.
  • information about the latest events, publications and articles from the Institute
  • a search function
  • archives of past articles on a monthly basis from August 1998

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