Rainforest Foundation Norway

The Rainforest Foundation is an environmental as well as an aid-organisation that works for the protection of the rainforests and its rich resources for generations to come. To achieve this goal, The Rainforest Foundation supports indigenous and forest peoples that live in and of the forests in their struggle to protect the environment and attain respects for their human rights.

It supports projects in Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. All the projects are run by local NGOs in the countries themselves and are therefore founded on local capacity and knowledge.

There are three different approaches to its work:

  • financial supporting local projects in close cooperation with indigenous- and forest peoples in rainforest countries
  • working to achieve necessary changes in the policies and practices of governments, international organisations and institutions as well as companies
  • mobilising and strengthening peoples concern and engagement nationally and internationally

It actively runs information and policy campaigns, and publishes the magazine "News from The Rainforest Foundation" quarterly.

The Rainforest Foundation Norway is part of the international network Rainforest Foundation International, with affiliates in United Kingdom, USA, Japan and Austria.

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