New Rules for Global Finance

New Rules for Global Finance is a coalition of development, human rights, labor, environmental, and religious organizations and scholars dedicated to the reform of the global financial architecture in order to stabilize the world economy, reduce poverty and inequality, uphold fundamental rights, and protect the environment.Through technically expert and inclusive dialogues, the coalition analyses existing financial institutions and processes to propose alternatives that will bring about more equitable and environmentally responsible results.

Four areas of New Rules current activity are:

  • added voice and vote for developing countries on the Boards of the World Bank and IMF
  • implementation of ex ante poverty impact assessments of macro-economic policies mandated by the IMF
  • sovereign debt bankruptcy/restructuring mechanisms
  • ensuring governments have latitude in the use of capital controls

The website provides access to:

  • Resources: includes papers, publications, and events
  • Listserve: includes two lists intended to act as interactive communication tools for exchanging scholarly papers and information of interest to the larger and global New Rules audience

Latest documents from New Rules for Global Finance