Health Systems Research Institute, Thailand (HSRI)

The Health Systems Research Institute (HSRI) is a government agency responsible for promoting research that assists in the formulation of a national health policy. It also acts as the coordinator for mobilizing health system reforms in Thailand.

Planned research projects by HSRI upto 2004 include:

  • health system governance study
  • health impact assessment (HIA)
  • health hazard control
  • health care system (including studies on health care management, financing schemes and healthcare under a decentralization model)
  • health research system
  • health information system
  • consumer empowerment

HSRI has also established five affiliate institutes:

  1. Hospital Accreditation Institute (HA)
  2. National Health System Reform Office (HSRO)
  3. The Prospective Cohort Study of Thai Children (PCTC)
  4. International Health Policy Program (IHPP)
  5. Central Office for Healthcare Information (CHI)

    Further information about the Institute’s activities is available on the HSRI website, which is in both Thai and English. The website also features downloadable versions of the HSRI newsletter (in Thai), links to a digital library and short summary descriptions of HSRI publications.