Center for Urban and Regional Sociology, Romania (CURS)

The Center for Urban and Regional Sociology (CURS) is a private research and marketing agency that has a national network of approximately 560 interviewers.

The issues currently addressed by CURS’ research include: political behaviour; attitudes and perceptions on the present economic, political and social changes; inter-ethnic relations; media and cultural consumption; consumer behaviour, product testing; advertising monitoring and impact. The topics are approached by both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

The research topics include:

  • Social indicators of habitat, setting indicators for measuring dwelling quality, environment quality, stock of dwellings and dwelling' aspirations
  • Social Map of Romania (on-going research). Up to now the following fields have been considered: housing, demography, urbanisation, social structure, inter-ethnic relations, and political behaviour of the population
  • Social impact of privatisation: assessing positive and negative social consequences of mass privatisation on the level of state owned enterprises involved and population perception of economic changes
  • Audience research: estimating the main audience indicators of TV/ radio stations and newspapers: ratings, market share, reach, average exposure, performance of TV speakers and moderators, audience profiles, etc.
  • Market research studying effective and potential demand for certain products, as well as patterns of shopping behaviour for each consumer profile (market-segmentation)
  • Study of the private agriculture in Romania, focusing on the re-organisation of the agriculture on three levels: individual household, agriculture association and community (representative samples of 120 villages and 360 agriculture association)
  • Studies on corruption and public sector performance: surveys on households, enterprises and public officials
  • Life styles and inter-ethnic relations in Romania, different scales of evaluation (including Bogardus scale, for the first time on a representative sample in Romania) have been used and different kinds of behaviour (consuming, leisure time etc.) measured
  • Romanian village revisited, new sociological insights in the life of the villages studied by the Sociological School from Bucharest.

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