Knowledge Partnership Programme (KPP)

The Knowledge Partnership Programme (KPP) supported by Government of UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and managed by IPE Global Limited has now ended.   

The programme successfully connected with stakeholders at various levels globally through studies/projects and ideas focusing at the Africa and Asia region.

KPP was an initiative to explore and showcase India's success in meeting development challenges in terms of policy and practice. It supported evidence generation and uptake on global and national policy issues. The aim of the programme was to design, support and supervise the implementation of evidence generation and its uptake thereby meeting the key KPP objectives of:

  • Gathering and uptake of evidence on issues central to India's impact on global poverty
  • Promote sharing of Indian evidence, best practice and expertise with Low Income Countries in order to facilitate evidence-gathering and uptake

The primary focus of KPP was to work with India on impacting the delivery of global public goods and services and leverage Indian experience to reduce poverty in developing countries.