The Humanitarian Early Warning Service (HEWSweb) is a humanitarian early warning website service, supported by the Food and Agriculture Organisation and other United Nations organisations.

HEWSweb is a global one-stop shop for early warning information, to facilitate access to the latest early warnings by bringing together and rationalising under one platform the large amount of information available on the internet from multiple specialised institutions.

Main features offered by HEWSweb include:

  • a global one-stop shop for early warning information for all natural hazards and for socio-political developments
  • provides systematic, credible and real-time early warning
  • makes access to early warning information faster and easier
  • enhances the use of early warning by displaying graphics, maps, and simple (non-technical) language and messages that are accessible to managers & decision-makers
  • fosters greater links between early warning and preparedness actions and response among partners
  • 70% dynamically updated with real-time information. Minimal maintenance, cost-effective
  • brings together key partners in the humanitarian community under one strategic EW project and initiative
  • fosters the development of a common language in EW
  • makes available global early warning information to the wider humanitarian community.

See the Eldis Food Security Resource Guide's statistics page for details of other early warning systems and humanitarian emergency reporting services.