Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF)

NGO in India aiming to empowe marginalised and information-dark communities with digital literacy, access to digital tools and information-rich knowledge society ushered in by the Internet and the digital revolution.


  • Access & Infrastructure: Providing people access to the Internet and making them digitally literate
  • Governance & Entitlements: Raising awareness about their rights and entitlements and giving them the voice to demand better governance, better delivery of government services and better protection of their basic human rights using digital literacy and digital tools
  • Education & Empowerment: Enabling people to access better health, education, skill and livelihood opportunities using digital literacy and digital tools
  • Social Sector & CSOs: Empowering grassroots-level civil society organisations working in the developmental sector with online presence and digital literacy and digitally ensuring protection of people's culture, heritage, environment and natural resources
  • Markets & Enterprise: Digitally empowering micro-enterprises and communities by training them to use digital tools and enabling them to access new markets through website presence and e-commerce
  • Knowledge Hub & Database: Creating a knowledge network of digital practitioners and database of effective ICTD innovations and interventions so that these innovations and interventions can be scaled up and partnerships can be forged for using them according to specific socio-economic developmental needs
  • Advocacy & Research: Advocacy and activism to ensure access for all to the Internet as a basic human right and more extensive use of ICT and digital tools for development