Australian Greenhouse Office, Department of the Environment and Heritage

The Australian Greenhouse Office, part of the Department of the Environment and Heritage, delivers the majority of programmes under the Australian Government’s climate change strategy.

The Australian Government’s climate change strategy is centred on five key areas – emissions management; international engagement; strategic policy support; impacts and adaptation; and science and measurement. Some initiatives include:

  • boosting renewable energy actions and pursuing greater energy efficiency
  • investing significant resources into greenhouse research and monitoring Australia's progress towards its Kyoto target
  • encouraging the development and commercialisation of low emissions technologies
  • encouraging industry, business and the community to use less greenhouse intensive transport fostering sustainable land management practices.

The comprehensive website of the Greenhouse Office contains sections pertaining to:

  • Emissions monitoring
  • International activities
  • Government
  • Business & industry
  • Community & household
  • Energy & transport
  • Natural resources & agriculture
  • Science, impacts & adaptation

    The site also has a climate change education link, further information on climate change science, and a comprehensive online publications section.

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