Koffiecoalitie (The Dutch Coffee Coalition)

Dutch Coffee Coalition is raising public awareness regarding the lack of labour rights on coffee plantations. The coalition is calling on coffee roasters and supermarket chains in the west to take responsibility for the violation of rights that occurs at the beginning of the coffee chain. In the coffee-producing countries themselves, the Dutch Coffee Coalition works with trade unions and other non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to improve the situation for coffee pickers.

The Dutch Coffee Coalition is working to improve the labour rights of coffee pickers by:

  • carrying out research into working conditions on coffee plantations in Kenya, Brazil and Guatemala
  • establishing a network of trade unions, women’s organisations and other NGOs
  • educating local union leaders and NGOs about labour rights.

In the Netherlands and Europe, the Dutch Coffee Coalition is calling for companies to acknowledge their social responsibilities.

Members of the colaition include: Hivos , Novib, Oikos, Pax Christi , Solidaridad, FNV Bondgenoten, FNV Mondiaal , CNV Bedrijvenbond, Landelijke Vereniging van Wereldwinkels, Zuid-Noord Federatie.

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