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    The World trade institute (WTI)

    The World Trade Institute (WTI) is an academic institution dedicated to studying and teaching on the subject of international trade regulation and investment.
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    The Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS)

    MERICS is a Berlin-based institute for contemporary and practical research into China that Stiftung Mercator set up as a central forum for engagement with China in Germany, thereby laying the found
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    India-Africa: South-South trade and investment for development

    World Trade Organization, 2016
    India and Africa's partnership has entered a new era. Close political relationships are being invigorated by a flourishing tradeand investment relationship. This new trade and investment relationship could be crucial in the struggle to lift millions out ofpoverty.
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    Indian Foreign Direct Investment in Africa

    CUTS Centre for Competition, Investment and Economic Regulation, 2016
    The entry of Indian companies into Africa is largely market and resource seeking which offers much more potential in terms of promoting forward and backward linkages and in terms of impacting on competition in the domestic market.
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    CUTS Centre for Competition, Investment and Economic Regulation (CUTS C-CIER)

    CUTS CCIER has the following programmatic areas: Competition Policy and LawEconomic R
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    India and Africa - collaboration for growth

    KPMG, 2016
    The nature of India’s relationship with Africa is clearly evolving into a wider, deeper engagement that, while clearly in India’s advantage, also offers significant potential benefits to its African counterparts. This overview of Indian/African economic collaboration is a joint piece of work from KPMG and the Confederation of Indian Industry.  It specifically looks at:
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    Transparency in corporate reporting: assessing emerging market multinationals

    Transparency International, 2016
    This report evaluates the disclosure practices of 100 major emerging market multinationals headquartered in 15 countries and active in 185 countries. The report is part of a series on corporate reporting published by Transparency International since 2008. Initially focused on
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    Rainbow at risk: improving South Africa's prospects

    Institute for Security Studies, 2016
    South Africa needs to build an inclusive economy where broad-basedeconomic growth creates productive jobs for the unemployed; increases
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    Trade for all: towards a more responsible trade and investment policy

    European Commission, 2015
    The European Commission is proposing a new trade and investment strategy for the European Union: "Trade for All". A new strategy that will make trade agreements more effective and that will create more opportunities means supporting jobs in Europe.
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    BRICS Information Sharing and Exchange Platform

    BRICS Information Sharing and Exchange Platform (also refered to as BRICS Portal) is the authoritative platform of BRICS-related information jointly developed by the Center for BRICS Studies of Fud