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    Case Study of the Women's Health Care Foundation, Quezon City, Philippines

    Family Health International, 1997
    The Women's Health Care Foundation seeks to expand women's health care services "beyond the womb." Established in 1980, the Foundation works to meet the diverse health needs of Philippine women throughout their life cycle, broadening services beyond the traditional maternal-child health programs to include services for adolescents and postmenopausal women; counseling on sexually transmitted disea
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    Case Studies of Two Women's Health Projects in Bolivia

    Family Health International, 1996
    Profiles two programs in Bolivia: La Casa de la Mujer in Santa Cruz and the Kumar Warmi (Health Woman) clinic operated by the Centro de Informacion y Desarrollo de la Mujer (CIDEM) in El Alto. Both programs involve women in the design and delivery of health care, and both offer health care as one of an array of services designed to improve women's quality of life.
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    Rwanda: the hidden violence

    Amnesty International, 1998
    Report provides an overview of some of the grave human rights abuses carried out in Rwanda from December 1997 to May 1998, with a particular focus on the patterns of "disappearances", extrajudicial executions by members of the Rwandese security forces - particularly by RPA soldiers - and deliberate and arbitrary killings by armed opposition groups.Between December 1997 and May 1998, hundreds
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    Violence Against Women Information Pack: a priority health issue

    Women's Health and Development Programme, WHO, 1998
    Package focuses on violence in families, rape and sexual assault, violence against women in situations of conflict and displacement, as well as violence against the girl child. The consequences of violence on women's health and the role that public health workers can play in multi-sectoral efforts to end the violence are explored.
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    The Social Consequences of the East Asian Financial Crisis

    Social Crisis in East Asia, World Bank, 1998
    What began as a currency crisis in Thailand has evolved into a social crisis across the region and beyond. Within East Asia it was initially hoped that the crisis would involve a sharp contraction and sharp recovery—a "V"-shaped response to a shock, as occurred in Mexico after the 1994/95 currency crisis.
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    The New 'Knowers' of West Africa. Muslims, Education and Social Change. A commentated bibliography.

    Danish Institute for International Studies, 1998
    Bibliography presents summaries of and comments on eight different texts, each providing important contributions to the subject of Muslims, education and social change in West Africa.
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    State of the World's Children 1999: Education For All: Making the right a reality

    United Nations Children's Fund, 1998
    Calls for an expansion of the education revolution that is occurring throughout the world. This revolution has two standards -- access to high-quality learning and a child rights approach. The report highlights key examples both of individual schools and of entire national education systems that are putting these standards into practice.
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    The UK White Paper on International Development - and Beyond

    Overseas Development Institute, 1998
    In November 1997, the British Government published its long-awaited White Paper on international development, the first comprehensive statement on British aid for 22 years. It has been widely welcomed as a significant shift in the orientation of British development policy and as a marker for other donors.
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    Ethical Trading Initiatives and Forest Dependent People

    Ethical Trade and Natural Resources Programme, NRI, 1998
    Discusses some of the schemes that promote environmentally sustainable trade in forest products and highlights some concerns about their impact on forest dependent people. The trading chains of many forest products, particularly non-timber forest products, are highly complex and people are involved in the marketing of these products in a variety of ways.
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    Fashion victims: The Asian garment industry and globalisation

    Catholic Fund for Overseas Development, 1998
    Report looks at the impact of globalisation on the lives of garment workers in Asia. Urban Missionaries, a CAFOD partner in the Philippines, carried out research on the increasing use of temporary contracts in the garment industry. In Sri Lanka, People’s Forum for Development Alternatives (PEFDA) interviewed workers in the Kandy and Kurunegala areas.