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    Sustainable livelihoods: Lessons from early experience

    Department for International Development, UK, 1999
    DFID review of conceptual development of sustainable livelihoods research and early experiences with programme implementation The approach was was found to be useful for:
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    Rural livelihood diversity in developing countries: evidence and policy implications

    Natural Resource Perspectives, ODI, 1999
    Examines livelihood diversification as a survival strategy of rural households in developing countries. Although still of central importance, farming on its own is increasingly unable to provide a sufficient means of survival in rural areas.
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    Key sheets for sustainable livelihoods

    Department for International Development, UK, 1998
    Aim of this series to provide a reference point for DFID decision-making about various aspects of service delivery and resource management. The series will also analyse different aspects of the policy process and options for donor intervention. Issues covered are:
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    Aquaculture, poverty impacts and livelihoods

    Natural Resource Perspectives, ODI, 2000
    Aquaculture is often viewed narrowly as intensive culture of salmon and shrimp to provide high value products for luxury markets and is often associated with environmental degradation. The promotion of aquaculture for rural development has had a poor record in many developing countries, especially in Africa.
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    Participatory research for sustainable livelihoods: a guide for field projects on adaptive strategies

    International Institute for Sustainable Development, Winnipeg, 1995
    Manual on project design.
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    Organic agriculture and sustainable rural Livelihoods in developing countries

    Ethical Trade and Natural Resources Programme, NRI, 1998
    Examines the contribution ethical trade initiatives can make towards the goal of sustainable rural livelihoods.
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    Field Handbook: Socioeconomic and Gender Analysis Programme, FAO

    Socioeconomic And Gender Analysis Programme, FAO, 1998
    The Field Level Handbookis written for field workers: extensionists, government and non-government field workers, private- and public-sector development consultants, community organisers and leaders of local groups and institutions.Handbook assists these agents who work directly with local communities in the participatory identification of the needs and priorities of local men and women , using th
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    Tree and land tenure: rapid appraisal tools

    Forests, Trees and People Programme and Network, FAO - SLU, 1994
    Manual offers guidelines for using rapid appraisal methods to gather information on tenure and natural resource management. It translates the concepts elaborated in Community Forestry Note 5, rapid appraisal of tree and land tenure.
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    Effects of Agricultural Commercialization on Food Crop Input Use and Productivity in Kenya

    Food Security III Cooperative Agreement, Michigan State University, 1999
    Analyses the effects of smallholder commercialization on foodcrop input use and productivity in rural Kenya.
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    Women mobilizing for peace and disarmament: a long history

    United Nations [UN] Department for Disarmament Affairs, 2001
    This paper demonstrates women's long term struggles for disarmament, examining, for example, UN conferences involving women and peace, the Liberian Women's Initiative.