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    A rough guide to PPAs: an introduction to theory and practice

    Overseas Development Institute, 2001
    This article takes a critical look at participatory poverty assessment (PPA) as a methodology and investigates the use of this methodology in various case-studies.The article:summarises key findings from recent experienceprovides guidance on appraising at the country level whether a PPA might make a useful contribution to improving the effectiveness of poverty reduction policypr
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    The bitterest pill of all: the collapse of Africa's health system

    Save the Children Fund, 2001
    World leaders are discussing a multi-billion dollar package of initiatives aimed at tackling major diseases in poor countries. However, economic crisis and unsuccessful reforms in the past two decades have left many nations with failing health systems. What groundwork is needed before such vast resources are committed?
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    Economic liberalisation and employment in South Asia

    Zentrum für Entwicklungsforschung, Bonn, 2000
    Examines the impact on employment growth (total, agriculture, industry), unemployment, real wages, wage inequalities between skilled and unskilled workers, women’s employment and child labour. It also analyses whether labour rigidities have affected the employment growth in South Asian countries.
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    HIV/AIDS as a human security issue: a gender perspective

    United Nations [UN] Division for the Advancement of Women, 2000
    The HIV/AIDS epidemic today is not simply a health issue. Its spread and impact cuts across all levels of society causing important consequences for human security.
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    How to Create an Effective Communication Project [on HIV / AIDS]

    Family Health International, 1996
    Careful planning of communication projects is necessary for the success of HIV/AIDS prevention programs. This handbook will guide you through the development of behavior change communication (BCC) projects using a strategy developed by the AIDS Control and Prevention (AIDSCAP) Project of Family Health International. The strategy is illustrated by the Communication Pyramid.
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    Rural livelihood diversity in developing countries: evidence and policy implications

    Natural Resource Perspectives, ODI, 1999
    Examines livelihood diversification as a survival strategy of rural households in developing countries. Although still of central importance, farming on its own is increasingly unable to provide a sufficient means of survival in rural areas.