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    Living arrangements and conditions of older persons in Namibia

    Advances in Aging Research, 2017
    In Africa, ageing is a phenomenon that is just beginning to reveal its shape; at present, it is a family concern. Although sub-Saharan Africa’s older population is not as large in size as in other regions of the world, it must still be considered as a potential cause for concern since Africa is ageing at a time when its resources are being depleted.
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    Advances in Aging Research

    Advances in Aging Research (AAR) is an openly accessible journal published bimonthly.
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    The political economy of social protection policy uptake in Nigeria

    Partnership for African Social and Governance Research, 2015
    None of the recent efforts to study social protection in Nigeria have provided a detailed description of the political economy factors that enhance and prevent the uptake of social protection policies.
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    Conditional cash transfers in Africa: limitations and potentials

    Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) are currently amongst the most popular social protection programmes for addressingpoverty, vulnerabilities, and risks of poor individuals, households and communities in developing Latin American, African, and Asian countries. However, the increasing popularity and adoption of CCTs in Africa have remained highly understudi
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    Inclusive social protection in Latin America: a comprehensive, rights-based approach

    United Nations [UN] Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, 2017
    Owing to continuing severe problems in Latin America, including poverty, inequality, vulnerability, unemployment and informal employment, which worsened during the crisis of late 2008 and early 2009, Latin American countries must be urged strenuously to strengthen their social protection systems and to extend them to include those that are currently excluded, as advocated by previous ECLAC do
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    Work, family and social protection: old age income security in Bangladesh, Nepal, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

    HelpAge International, 2017
    How does growing older affect a person’s income security in Asia? This question is becoming increasingly urgent in the context of rapid population ageing in the region, yet relatively limited comparative analysis has tried to answer it.
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    Young women’s household bargaining power in marriage and parenthood in Ethiopia

    Young Lives, 2017
    In Ethiopian government policy, marriage under the age of 18 is considered ‘early marriage’ or ‘child marriage’ and is categorised as a harmful traditional practice. Efforts to tackle harmful traditional practices in the country have been made in the name of gender equality.
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    The politics of promoting social protection in Zambia

    Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre, 2017
    The rise of the social protection agenda in Zambia over the past few years seems in some ways to fit with mainstream accounts of how welfare states are likely to emergein developing countries, particularly in terms of the links to elections and pro-poor political parties.
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    Egypt’s new IMF deal comes with a huge price tag for human rights

    Bretton Woods Project, 2017
    The government of Egypt has sealed a loan deal with the IMF following four years of negotiations.