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    Livelihood security among pastoralists in Northern Sudan: post-hunger development in a country at war

    Noragric, Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, 2000
    This paper focuses on the Hawaweer, a nomadic pastoralist group inhabiting the Northern part of Sudan. The Hawaweer were forced to migrate in the mid-eighties because of drought and hunger.
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    Rural Africa at the crossroads: livelihood practices and policies

    Natural Resource Perspectives, ODI, 2000
    This paper synthesises the findings and main policy implications of new empirical studies on changing rural livelihoods from the De-Agrarianisation and Rural Employment (DARE) research programme at the African Studies Centre, University of Leiden.Conclusions include the following: Largely as a result of structural adjustment performances, diversification out of agriculture has become th
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    Central Asia: crisis conditions in three states

    International Crisis Group, 2000
    This article addresses the possibility that there will be civil unrest and large-scale violence in three Central Asian states: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The article points to several contemporary factors which indicate that this is a possibility. These states are to a lesser or greater extent suffering from a continuing economic crisis.
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    The impact of armed conflict on women

    International Committee of the Red Cross, 2001
    Reports on a study aimed at improving its understanding of the specific impact that armed conflict has on women. This study, the final report of which is nearing completion, investigates the needs of women in war, the protection accorded to women by international humanitarian law, and ICRC activities on behalf of women in their worldwide operations.
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    Women mobilizing for peace and disarmament: a long history

    United Nations [UN] Department for Disarmament Affairs, 2001
    This paper demonstrates women's long term struggles for disarmament, examining, for example, UN conferences involving women and peace, the Liberian Women's Initiative.
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    Aftermath: women and women's organisations in post-conflict Cambodia

    US Agency for International Development, 2000
    Despite their small number, this paper finds that the post-conflict emergence of women's organisations in Cambodia have been contributing to the empowerment of women via vocational training and microcredit programs. They are assisting victims of HIV/AIDS, of domestic violence, and of trafficking and forced prostitution.