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    Sustaining livelihoods on Mongolia's pastoral commons

    International Association for the Study of Common Property, 2000
    Under the socialist regime that prevailed until the start of the 1990s, Mongolia made great progress in improving human development indicators, and poverty was virtually unknown.
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    Tree and land tenure: rapid appraisal tools

    Forests, Trees and People Programme and Network, FAO - SLU, 1994
    Manual offers guidelines for using rapid appraisal methods to gather information on tenure and natural resource management. It translates the concepts elaborated in Community Forestry Note 5, rapid appraisal of tree and land tenure.
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    Effects of Agricultural Commercialization on Food Crop Input Use and Productivity in Kenya

    Food Security III Cooperative Agreement, Michigan State University, 1999
    Analyses the effects of smallholder commercialization on foodcrop input use and productivity in rural Kenya.
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    Land tenure reform and the balance of power in eastern and southern Africa

    Natural Resource Perspectives, ODI, 2000
    This paper examines the current wave of land tenure reform in eastern and southern Africa. It discusses how far tenure reform reflects a shift in powers over property from centre to periphery. A central question is whether tenure reform is designed to deliver to rural smallholders greater security of tenure and greater control over the regulation and transfer of these rights.