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    Rigged rules and double standards: trade, globalisation and the fight against poverty

    Oxfam, 2002
    This report constitutes Oxfams analysis of the links between trade rules and poverty and as such forms the basis of their 'make trade fair' campaign.
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    What's wrong with the Oxfam trade campaign

    Focus on the Global South, 2002
    This short article is critical of the pro-trade, pro-globalisation agenda of Oxfams new trade campaign.
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    Managing water and sanitation: keeping it clean and simple

    id21 Development Research Reporting Service, 2002
    Are there universally applicable operational models for delivering water and sanitation services in small towns? Is there a role for the private sector? How can public confidence in service providers be built and maintained? Do services need to be economically viable?
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    Trade Myths and Gender Reality: Trade Liberalisation and Women's Lives

    Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, 1998
    This publication draws together concepts, policy and case studies on what has been the impact of trade liberalisation on women workers.
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    Controlling the international trade in illegally logged timber and wood products

    Chatham House [Royal Institute of International Affairs], UK, 2002
    This report examines how importing/consuming governments might establish and operate a system for denying market access to timber and wood products produced and exported illegally. It covers processes and procedures for identifying illegal timber, methods for denying markey access to those products, effective forms of international co-operation and the implications for WTO trade rules.
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    African Scholars' Forum for Envisioning Africa: focus on NEPAD

    WSSD Web Site of the Heinrich Boell Foundation, 2002
    Collection of papers from a forum organised by the Heinrich Boell Foundation, together with the Mazingira Institute and the African academy of Sciences.
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    A conceptual framework for implementing biosafety: linking policy, capacity and regulation

    International Service for National Agricultural Research, 2002
    This paper brings together contributions to a meeting held in July 2001 entitled “A Framework for Biosafety Implementation: A Tool for Capacity Building.” The purpose of this meeting was to devise a conceptual framework to address regulatory implementation and capacity-building needs of developing countries and Parties to the Biosafety Protocol. This framework consists of five elements1.
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    New World Bank reports confirm that the HIPC initiative is failing

    Jubilee Research, 2002
    Analysis of two recent World Bank reports to assess how the HIPC initiative is progressing using the Bank's own criteria.
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    External debt and growth

    International Monetary Fund Working Papers, 2002
    This paper attempts to analyse the impact of debt on growth, by using a panel database of 93 countries between 1969 and 1998.
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    Food security and public distribution system in Rajasthan

    Institute of Development Studies Jaipur, India, 2002
    This paper studies two aspects of food security in Rajasthan availability and access to food for households. The government ensures food security at the household level in two ways: through the Public Distribution System (PDS) and through ensuring entitlements of poor households through programmes such as 'Food for Work'.