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    Globalization, poverty and inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa: a political economy appraisal

    OECD Development Centre, 2001
    Paper explores the policies and political context underlying the response of African countries to globalisation, with an emphasis on trade liberalisation.African countries have had mixed experiences with globalisation, with some achieving better social outcomes than others.
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    Improving policy analysis and management for poverty reduction in sub-Saharan Africa: creating an effective learning community

    Eldis Document Store, 2000
    Significant poverty reduction in sub-Saharan Africa cannot be achieved without strong policy analysis and management capacity both in the public sector and civil society at large.
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    Poverty and European aid in Zambia: a study of the poverty orientation of European aid to Zambia

    Overseas Development Institute, 2000
    Paper questions whether the policy and practice of European donors, or more specifically, members of the European Union (EU), is attuned to the fact that poverty reduction is the most pressing human issue in Zambia today.
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    Voices of the poor

    PovertyNet, World Bank, 1999
    Also known as Consultations With The Poor, the report looks at poor people's definition of what comprises a good life, and the role of poverty.
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    Efficiency, accountability and implementation: public sector reform in East and Southern Africa

    United Nations [UN] Research Institute for Social Development, 2001
    Five questions central to public sector reform in East and Southern Africa, and consistent with their proclaimed thrust, are addressed in this paper:Has the size of government employment changed since the mid-1980s?Have government functions become more focused on 'core' activities, such as health and education, during this period?Have real wage levels changed?Has accountability
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    Violence against Women: Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Drop-In Centre in Lusaka, Zambia

    BRIDGE, 1998
    Overview of this drop-in centre which provides a range of services for women who have suffered violence, such as a shelter and training and income-generating activities, as well as performing public education and campaigning work.
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    An Evaluation of the Support to GIDD (Gender in Development Division), Zambia

    BRIDGE, 1999
    This evaluation assesses the development activities of Zambia's Gender in Development Division (GIDD), focusing on past achievements and future challenges, and makes a number of recommendations. Overall, it finds that the majority of GIDD's development activities are having a positive impact, increasing public awareness about gender issues and concern countrywide.
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    BRIDGE Report 29: Gender Profile of Zambia

    Institute of Development Studies UK, 1994
    What is the present state of gender relations in Zambia' Has economic recession and adjustment impacted differently on women and men' Like many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Zambia has adopted structural adjustment and liberalisation measures in order to pull itself out of severe economic recession.
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    Country Gender Analysis: Zambia

    Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, 1993
    Household poverty and household food insecurity in Zambia has increased significantly since 1980, particularly among rural and female headed-households. This is largely a result of the economic deterioration suffered in the country.